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‘Save the Children’ Supplies To Be Delivered Locally

Save the Children is sending a large shipment of supplies for babies and families, as well as school supplies for children during our days at home. Kristie Rhodes, director and program coordinator of Save the Children programs at Linden Elementary, will be sorting and doing inventory on these items this week. Then, both Linden Elementary…

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Lee to Community Newspapers: ‘In This for Long Term’

The Buffalo River Review and other community newspaper from across Tennessee participated in a conference call Thursday morning, March 26, with Governor Bill Lee who was both optimistic and realistic about the health and economic outcomes of COVID-19. The half-hour, March 26 information and Q&A session was set up by the Tennessee Press Association for…

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Scammers Taking Advantage of Pandemic

Unfortunately, some bad characters are attempting to take advantage of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Forbes magazine offered specific examples of frauds and scams that people should avoid: –a Lybia-based malware spread to Android phones via text promises to share data and stats about the coronavirus but instead watches you through your smartphone camera,…

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