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Only 14% of Voters Cast Ballots Last Tuesday

With only one local, unopposed candidate on the ballot and the Presidential Preference all but decided, Perry County voters did not turn out in large numbers for the March 5 primary.
In fact, when all the ballots were tallied Tuesday evening at the Perry County Election Commission office, only 13.85%—or 765 of the county’s 5,523 registered voters—had participated in either early voting or on election day.
Assessor of Property Brett Skelton is the Republican nominee in his first re-election bid. If he faces challengers in August, they will be running as independent candidates. Skelton received 597 complimentary votes in his unopposed race.
Former president Donald Trump was the hands-down favorite among last week’s GOP voters. He garnered 629 votes (90.5%) of the vote. Nikki Haley came in second locally with 56 votes, and a smattering of votes was cast for other candidates on the ballot, most of whom had withdrawn before March 5. Haley withdrew from the race following the Super Tuesday vote.
Only 61 Perry County Democrats voted on March 5, with 58 of them casting ballots for unopposed President Joseph Biden. Three voters said they were uncommitted.
Perry County Board of Education candidates in Districts 2, 4, and 6 could have sought the Republican nomination, but no one turned in qualifying papers for the March 5 ballot. School Board candidates and office holders can still run as independents in August.
The rest of the ballot was made up of Republican delegate races where 66 candidates were vying for at-large election and 14 were running for Seventh Congressional District seats.
Perry County’s individual precincts turned in the following voter numbers:
–Cedar Creek, 10.3% turnout, 43 total votes (61 on election day, 4 absentee, 18 early);
–Marsh Creek, 17.27% turnout, 62 total votes (35 on election day, 1 absentee, 26 early);
–Pineview, 15.98% turnout, 101 total votes (67 on election day, 1 absentee, 33 early);
–Pope, 13.78% turnout, 55 total votes (31 on election day, 3 absentee, 21 early);
–Coon Creek, 13.83% turnout, 87 total votes (46 on election day, 3 absentee, 38 early);
–Flatwoods, 17.18% turnout, 72 total votes (48 on election day, 1 absentee, 23 early);
–Brush Creek, 15.35% turnout, 37 total votes (27 on election day, 0 absentee, 10 early);
–Lobelville Public Works, 11.94% turnout, 72 total votes (50 on election day, 2 absentee, 20 early);
–Azbill Community Center, 14.57% turnout, 118 total votes (51 on election day, 8 absentee, 59 early);
–Lobelville, 12% turnout, 96 total votes (72 on election day, 0 absentee, 24 early).
Only 295 voters—or 5.34%—took advantage of absentee or early balloting,
The next election is August 1, which will serve as the county general and state and federal primary. The deadline for candidates to qualify is April 4. Voter registration deadline is July 2, 2024.

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