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Third & Fourth Grade Parents Receive Retention & Promotion Information

Parents of third and fourth grade students are receiving letters from Perry County Schools about retention and promotion as last year’s third graders who made it to fourth grade could potentially be affected again by the new law.
Fourth grade students who were promoted last year after completing remediation for low English & Language Arts performance on TCAP must now show “adequate growth” on this year’s TCAP ELA scores to be promoted to fifth grade.
The state will determine what “adequate growth” means, make those promotion decisions, and inform the local school system.
Parents and guardians of this year’s third grade students—like those last year when the new retention law went into effect—are receiving letters about possible retention if their child did not score high enough on the ELA portion of TCAP, and what remediation choices they have.
See the accompanying graph from the Tennessee Department of Education to learn how students are allowed promotion from one grade to the other.
Perry County Schools is aware that the situation is “still evolving” as the state males final decisions on how to assess student performance, but wanted to make current information available to parents through the letters—and to inform them of ways they can help their children become better readers.

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