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December Power Bill Changes: TVA Seasonal Adjustment

Meriwether Lewis Electric Cooperative members will see changes on their December statements that equal a slight increase in electricity costs.

The changes include the Tennessee Valley Authority moving to seasonal (winter) pricing and their Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) slightly decreasing.

As a result, residential rates will increase to reflect the transition.

For example, MLEC members using 1,200 kilowatt-hours will pay $1.00 more (0.63 percent increase) compared to November for the same amount of energy.

The total residential per kilowatt-hour price is now $0.09712 compared to $0.09628 last month.

A complete rate schedule is available

To help members better control energy costs, MLEC offers free guidance and resources to reduce energy consumption.

–Turn off unnecessary lights, equipment and appliances when not in use.

–Set your thermostat to the appropriate temperature. TVA recommends 68 degrees during the winter.

–Adjust your ceiling fans to run counterclockwise to evenly disperse heat throughout the room.

–MLEC offers heat pump financing and rebates for home insulation, duct work, air sealing and windows.

MLEC also offers free online and professional in-home energy audits to help members’ energy use.

Members can learn more by contacting their local office or visiting

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