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Linden Middle 12-Year Old Charged with ‘Threatening Mass Violence,’ Grandfather Says Boy Is Innocent

A Linden Middle School twelve-year old has been charged under a new Tennessee law with “threat of mass violence on school property or at a school activity.”

The accused’s grandfather says his grandson is innocent and emailed his reasons to the Review.

According to the incident report filed by SRO Joe Donaldson, on Tuesday, October 17, at 2:32 p.m., Sheriff Nick Weems informed SRO Donaldson that a female student at Linden Middle had posted a Snapchat message that “There is a kid threatening to shoot up are [our]school tomorrow. So, if you go to Linden Middle School be careful tomorrow.”

SRO Donaldson immediately contacted the girl’s mother who gave the officer the name of a boy she thought made the threat, as well as the name of another male student who was on three-way call with the girl and the accused when the threat was made.

During an interview at the Sheriff’s Office, SRO Donaldson said the girl and her mother told him that the accused said, “…………………..


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