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Brush Creek Club Juvenile Hunt Has Interesting History

The 47th annual Brush Creek Hunting Club juvenile hunt will be held this weekend for Perry County kids participating in the special two-day deer season.

Registration begins at 5:00 p.m., this Friday, October 27, with a chili supper for all kids and adults. Awards will begin at dark on Sunday evening. Even if the hunter does not harvest a deer, please come by Sunday night and grab something from the giveaway table.

Here is a little history of this annual event:

In 1976,the first Youth Hunt was held at Buffalo River Boys on Short Creek in Linden. It was moved to Brush Creek at George Doyle’s family’s homestead where he was born and named Brush Creek Hunting Club in 1984.

Uncle Sam was living there at the time and allowed George to hold the juvenile hunt.

When George started the hunt, there were only a handful of kids that signed up to participate. The first year it was moved to Brush Creek, fourteen kids that signed up. Over the years the hunt grew.

George says that a man named Charlie Jones, a traveling salesman who drove a green pickup truck, heard of the hunt and who used to stop and eat with them at Short Creek. Jones started donating prizes.

George started awarding $5 for the biggest buck category, which turned into progressed into $5 and a cap. Then, the category biggest doe was added soon after.

Over the last 47 years, the Juvenile Hunt at Brush Creek Hunting Club has grown immensely and at times has had over 100 kids registered. Multiple prizes are now given away, such as guns and more for biggest buck, smallest buck, biggest doe, smallest doe, biggest combined weight of 2 deer, closest to 75 pounds without going over, and a sportsman ship award.

Monthsprior to the hunt, George starts contacting people and businesses for donations. Every child that registers for the hunt receives a door prize that includes knives, deer calls, flashlights etc.

The hunt has been held for so long that many adults who participated as youngsters have now brought their children and grandchildren back to hunt during this awesome weekend.

Registration starts this Friday, October 27, before the juvenile hunt weekend opens with a pot of chili prepared by George. The hunt is completely free.

On Saturday and Sunday morning, the Brush Creek Hunting Club committee prepares breakfast for all participants and their families. There’s always plenty of milk & cold drink donations for everyone to enjoy as well as the cookies, cakes, pies and other goodies prepared and donated by neighbors and family members.

Hunt organizers look forward to seeing you and your kids. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can follow the hunt on Facebook by searching Brush Creek Hunting Club.

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