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Filmmakers Seek Middle TN WWII Training Stories

A group of documentarians is working on a film project highlighting the military operations in Middle Tennessee from 1941 to 1944 during World War II.

Tennessee served as a critical training site for over 850,000 troops that would then fight on D-Day and the Normandy invasion. The filmmakers want to feature the stories of any surviving soldiers and civilians who witnessed and/or supported these operations to help bring the U.S. to victory.

Executive Producer Kelly Magill hopes to gather as many stories as possible for a three-hour docuseries, “Maneuvers: War Games in the Heartland,” to be aired live on national TV in May 2025.

To best honor and preserve these unique accounts, the filmmakers are seeking maneuver or other war-related photos, lifestyle photos, film footage, or letters from the above period. They invite stories of anyone who experienced or remembers the maneuvers, even if they were children during that time period.

Anyone interested in participating or nominating qualifying persons to participate should email or submit the online form at

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