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‘Caring Closets’ Serve Students at Every School

FirstBank and Rogers Group recently made donations supporting Caring Closets at all for Perry County schools—ad encourage individuals, groups, and other businesses to do the same.

Caring Closets provide, free of charge to any student needing assistance, everything from notebooks to clothing to personal hygiene items, and depend on contributions to keep the closets stocked and ready.















CARING CLOSET: Rogers Group representatives Shane Rosson (left) and Mark Teague (right) presented donation checks to Laura Andrews, Linden Middle; Nicky Litle, Lobelville School; and Angie Williams, Linden Elementary. Not pictured: Carolyn Parnell, PCHS. See story.


CARING CLOSET: Crystal Rosson, FirstBank Financial Center Manager (center) presents donation checks to Kali Jacobson and Nicky Litle, Lobelville School; Laura Andrews, Linden Middle; Brittany Mercer, Linden Middle; Carolyn Parnell, PCHS; and Angie Williams, Linden Elementary.


Laura Andrews, who heads the effort at Linden Middle School, told the Review:

“Our caring closet has been a huge blessing. Donations have helped with much-needed supplies for our students.

“The look on the kids’ faces when we are able to help and be discreet is an amazing feeling. They all know we are here but we do not need recognition or praise. Just knowing we made a difference—no matter how small—makes it all worth it.

“We would like to thank First Bank, Rogers Group, and our community for their continued support.”

In fact, all the volunteers who work at the four Caring Closets echoed Laura’s gratitude.

Angie Williams, Principal at Linden Elementary, said, “We really appreciate all of the donations we receive to help us meet the needs of our students.”

Nicky Litle at Lobelville School said, “We appreciate everyone that has donated and will donate. These supplies maybe seem small, but every donation helps our students.”

Miranda Young, PCHS, was grateful for community support that allows the Caring Closet to meet individual needs as well. She said, “We keep funds to buy things for specific needs as they arise. If a student needs something particular—coat, shoes, food, blankets, etc.—they know all they have to do is ask.”

Specifically, the schools could use the following items.

Lobelville School: Kleenex, bandaids, small deodorants for boys and girls,socks for boys and girls, and eye glass cleaner wipes.

Linden Elementary: girl’s clothes (stretchy), shoes, and socks in all sizes.

Linden Middle: socks and shoes, deodorant, and hoodies.

PCHS: feminine products, deodorant, chapstick, -three-ring binders, index cards, highlighters, coloring pencils, notebooks, socks, toboggans, gloves, and scarves.

And monetary donations are accepted; contact a Caring Closet representative at the school to make arrangements.

“FirstBank is proud to sponsor the Caring Closets at our four schools. After talking to the ladies that are over this program, and hearing stories about what all they have been able to do, I knew that we wanted to help,” said Crystal S. Rosson, Financial Center Manager at FirstBank in Linden.

“I’m hoping that we can stock these closets over time so that our educators can have the resources to help any child that they see in need. Our educators have the biggest hearts and I know that each one cares about the children that are entrusted to them, so any way that we can make it easier for them, we at FirstBank are happy to help,” Rosson added.

Contact information: Lobelville School, Kali Jacobson or Nicky Litle, 931-593-2354; Linden Elementary, Angie Williams, 931-589-2531; Linden Middle, Brittany Mercer or Laura Andrews, 931-589-5000; PCHS, Miranda Young or Carolyn Parnell, 931-589-2831.

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