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Parole House Check Led to Arrests of Five

A routine probation check by local and state officers resulted in drug charges against a Perry County couple, their adult son, and another local couple living in a camper on the property.
Narcotics Investigator Michael Stock-still’s detailed incident report states that he, Deputy Mike Warren, Deputy Jacob Donaldson, and two TN Probation officers performed a home check at the residence of Jason and Christina Urban, Highway 412 West, Linden, on Monday, September 18.
During the check, the Urbans voluntarily produced a number of drugs and related items including: five snorting straws, a loaded glass meth pipe, broken glass marijuana pipe, two plastic baggies containing 0.59 grams of a white ]substance that field-tested positive for meth and fentanyl, a glass water bong, and a clear tube containing an orange powder believed to be PCP (sent to TBI lab for testing), according to the report.
Jesse Urban, the son, turned over two grinders and a pipe.
Jason and Christina Urban admitted to authorities, the report stated, that they had used drugs just before officers arrived. Both tested positive for meth, and he tested positive for PCP as well.
Officers also made contact with Bobby and Ashley Elkins who—also on probation—were living on the property in a camper directly next to the Urban residence. Investigator Stockstill learned from them that there were illegal items in the camper. Bobby Elkins gave up three glass pipes, all with residue.
Upon searching the camper,…………


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