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Parents: Be Watching for ILP-D Letters

Schools in Perry County are administering the fall universal reading screener (Aimsweb) that measures how children are progressing in reading and math. The schools focus on identifying students who may need help in reading and providing additional support to accelerate reading development.

Parents of children who score in the 25th percentile or below and display deficits in 50% or more of the grade-appropriate subtests on the reading part of the URS will receive an email/paper or paper copy requesting permission for the school to develop an Individualized Learning Plan.

ILP-D addresses characteristics of dyslexia. The ILP-D agreement between families and schools outlines additional reading support to be provided during the regular school day. This plan guides the child’s teachers in utilizing the Response to Intervention (RTI) framework to strengthen their reading skills.

Schools have used RTI for several years by placing students in Tiers for extra support. The state is asking schools to develop an ILP-D, with parents’ permission, for each student that meets the guidelines.

In the email/paper copy, parents or guardians will be asked to check one of the following:

“I agree to an ILP-D for my child to support their reading development. (RTI);

“I do not agree to have an ILP-D for my child currently;

“I would like to schedule a meeting with my child’s teachers to discuss the results of the universal reading screener, the ILP-D and the RTI framework;

Parents/guardians will be asked to sign and date the email/paper copy and return it to the school. If in agreement, schools will develop an ILP-D for that child. Once the ILP-D is completed parents/guardians will receive by email/paper copy the ILP-D created for that child.

Parents & guardians: please make sure schools have your correct email address.     

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