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Who’s Teaching Where? Perry County School Administration, Teachers, and Staff

Who’s Teaching Where? Perry County School Administration, Teachers, and Staff

Director of Schools Eric Lomax released the following list of Perry County Schools administrators, educators, and staff for the 2023-2024 academic year:


Director of Schools Eric Lomax, Assistant Director Ashley Carroll

Kathy Garrison, Supervisor of Education, Pre-K-5; Ginger Cagle, Supervisor of Education, 6-12; Jennifer Richardson, Supervisor of Special Education; Tammy Wood, School Nutrition Supervisor; Loretta Richardson, System Secretary; Ashlyn Freemen, Assistant Business Manager; Nancy Hickerson, Business Manager.


Principal Blake Moore, Assistant Principal Darren Byrd

Lisa Warren (Pre-K), Nicole Byrd (kindergarten), Audrey Crawford Jennifer Warren (first), Kelsey Marrs and Nikki Bunch (second), Savannah Tinin and Tatum Hudson (third), Vicki Grinder and Courtney Marrs (fourth), Lexie Bailey (fifth and seventh), Kali Jacobson and Courtney Marrs (sixth),Summer LaPradd (eighth), Nicky Litle and Anessa Pope (special education), Jake Edwards (PE),Jana Lee (virtual),Carmen Trull and Kelli DePriest (RTI Coordinators), Sharon McKnight, Ashley Warren, Kelly Dill, Noelle McGee, Kristy Edney, Jamie Heath, Brittany Ledbetter, Angie Byrd, and Holly Breece(paraprofessionals),Lora Qualls, Randy Warren, and Tina Frank (janitors), Rachel Carroll (office staff), Matt Votaw and Joey Prosser (SROs), Samantha Nelson (nurse), Victoria Skelton (counselor), Diane Warren, Danelle Burcham, and Sherry Warren (lunchroom staff), Heather Breeding (speech therapist).


Principal Angie Williams. Assistant Principal Trena Graves

Hazel Swawand Morro Dunkle (Pre-K),  Kindergarten: Dana Southall, Shelley Bowers, and Reagan Dill (kindergarten),Sharmin Jones, Brittany Mackin, and Casey Parish (first), Lisa Garrison, Pam Gwinn, and Christina Hinson (second), Kenzsley Dill (third ELA), Denise Blackwell (third math), Samantha Mathis ( third science/social studies), Missy Powell (fourth ELA), Jenna Bailey (fourth math), Ellen Perkinson (fourth science/social studies), Amanda Rocherster (special ed, CDC), Stephanie Garner ( special ed, K-2), Jessica Graves ( special ed, 3-4), Kelsey Sain, Heather Breeding, and Holly Warren (speech and language), Intervention: Tammy Brasher and Sheri Ary (intervention),Becky Marrs (intervention, ESL), Joel Plunkett (PE), Melanie Pace (school psychologist), Debbie Qualls (bookkeeper/secretary), Heather Hinson (lunch/attendance), Annette Morris, Michelle Cude, Pauline Parmar, Bonnie Russo, Stephanie Skelton, April Plunkett, Dayron Byrd, Brianna White, Kamiko Sullivan, Stephanie Duncan, Emily Hickok, Jennifer Hanberry, Kristin Smith, Jennifer Jones, Johnnie Garrison, and Jessica Zamora (teaching assistants), Rick Edwards (technology), Bridget Carroll (nurse), Travis Hanberry (social worker), Brittany Mercer and Brandi Marshall (counselors), Tara Bell, Carol Graham, and JoAnn Warren (cafeteria), Lucy Runions, Elaine Crigger, and BreAnna Neal (custodians), Daniel Courter (SRO). Save the Children: Sara Bowyer (in-school coordinator), Jenna Bailey (after-school coordinator), Misty Holder (kindergarten readiness), Cassie McKnight (early steps), Amanda Bell (Community Collaborative Engagement coordinator), Christina Hinson, Jessica Graves, and Michelle Cude (after-school tutors), Stephanie Garner (before-school tutor).


Principal Brent Cunningham, Assistant Principal Andrea Garrison

Janeene Westbrook (fifth ELA), Andrea Daniel (sixth ELA), Kailynn Moore (fifth and sixth math), Emily Hickerson (fifth and sixth social studies), Sabrina Dunkle (fifth and sixth science), Kim Daniel (seventh ELA), Terri Heath (eight ELA), Kim Yates (seventh and eight science, Brent Garrison (seventh and eighth social studies), Lindsey Sharp (seventh and eighth math), Calvin Zemer (PE),Brittany Mercer (counselor), McKenzee Garrison (CTE sixth through eighth career coach),Amber Whitt (math interventionist), Melissa Arnold (reading interventionist), Lydia Cagle (fifth and sixth resource), Edie Prosser (seventh and eighth resource), Carrie Rogers (CDC), Jana Lee (virtual), Michael Rhodes (system-wide math coach), Cassie Wright (bookkeeper), Andrea Coblentz, (food service), Laura Andrews (nurse), Bridget Phillips, Candace Shanes, Shelly Mercer, Sandra Mercer, Amanda Smith, and Linda Eccher (teaching assistants), Kathy Overton (custodian),Valerie DePriest, Melinda Breaud, and Chastity DePriest (cafeteria), Joe Donaldson (SRO).


Principal Blake Skelton, Assistant Principal Kevin Tinin

Kennedi Bates (Englis), Parker Brown (special ed), Brant Clifton (math), Courtnie Daniel (history), Kelsey Dill (health), Caleb Dunkle(finance), Kristal Edney (wellness/PE),Raygan Edney (nurse supervisor), David Hamm (history), Chance Helton (PE/basketball), Larry Helton basketball/government), Bailey Freeman (English), Jonathan Jenkins (manufacturing), Sara King (art), Krystal Litle(librarian), Crystal Lomax (nurse), Benjamin Mercer (math), Jimmy Miller (detention), Angel Moore (guidance counselor), Marlana Nyholt (music/band), Myra Phillips (special ed), Cindy Rogers (agriculture), Micha Simons (business), Dawn Taylor (construction), Alison Trull (English), Valerie Votaw(district social worker), Sylvia Walker (math), Lindsey Ward (alternative school principal), Rendia Ward (special ed), Emily Waters (science), Kathy Whitt (Spanish), Fawn Wilson (special ed), Michele Williams (math/JTG), Billy Ray Yarbro (athletic director), Bart Young (science), Pam Cottrell Faye, Skelton, Leigh Ann Tucker, and Christy Hutchinson (cafeteria), Tamara Fessler, Debbie Qualls, Brenda Strickland, Sal Russo, and Anita York (aides), Donna Knoblock, Daniel Covey, and Dayron Byrd (custodians), Tana Kilpatrick and Clarissa McGee (alternative school), Lindsey Dunkle (secretary/bookkeeper), Miranda Young (secretary/attendance),Betty Bell and Karlee Teague (Ayers Foundation).

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