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Weil Avoided Delinquency Sale by Paying Past Due Taxes

Jason Weil, owner of Perry Community Hospital, has paid a portion of past due county and city taxes and avoided having the hospital included in the most recent delinquent property tax sale.

According to Perry County Clerk & Master Charlene Duplessis, Weil paid $52,335.94 to be removed from the 2020 delinquent tax sale.

Perry Community Hospital’s 2021 past due taxes have already—per state law—been turned over to the Clerk & Master for collection; that amount totals $27,690.71, as of last week, and includes both county and Town of Linden taxes.

Hospital property taxes for 2022 are also now past due, as of February 28. County Trustee Shane Copeland said those taxes are due at his office and not yet referred to the Clerk & Master for collection.

Clerk & Master Duplessis said paying the past due taxes does not stop the collection of debt owed to creditors—a matter being handled in Chancery Court. Judge Michael Spitzer ordered last year that the hospital property be sold to cover hundreds of thousands in unpaid bills owed to various entities.

The ordered sale has yet to be completed as creditors were said to be taking a different approach to collection. Judge Spitzer………..


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