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Opioid Payment Amounts to PC

Drug companies that made, sold, or distributed opioid painkillers are paying out more than $50 billion in settlements over a twenty-year period to cities and counties, including Perry.

More than $3 billion has landed in state, county, and city coffers so far.

KFF Health News obtained documents from BrownGreer, the firm administering settlements, which show exact dollar amounts local governments have been allocated so far.

According to the data, Perry County received:

–Year one, $2,741.73; year two, $2,881.42; year three, $2881.42.

In addition, the drug company Janssen was court-ordered separately to make restitution in the following amounts to Perry County: $976.06, $2,270.20, $1,822.62, $2,798.56, and $3,101.91, for a total of $10,976.35.

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