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Buddy’s Place Supports Duo’s Dream to Rescue Dogs & Puppies

You’ve probably said this too: “Someone should do something about that”—the classic response when that “someone” refers to anyone other than ourselves.

Well, sometimes someone does answer the call, and the results can be impressive.

Recognizing a local need, and born out of a love for our furry friends, Net Arnold and Sandy Sherrill have embarked on a new effort to raise money for Buddy’s Rescue that takes in dogs and puppies that need a home and cares for them until “someone” comes along to adopt.

Net and Sandy invite you to Buddy’s Place, at 85 West Seventh Avenue, Lobelville, which has been open now for a little while, but the grand opening is set for tomorrow, Thursday, June 29, at 10:00 a.m.

Offering items for sale that have been donated by citizens supporting this charitable effort, Buddy’s Place is filled wall-to-wall with most anything you can think of: clothing for infants, toddlers, children, and adults, shoes, DVD & video movies, toys, books, pet needs, glassware, kitchen essentials, appliances, home décor—around every corner and in nooks and crannies, you’ll find something surprising.

Every penny of proceeds raised at non-profit Buddy’s Place supports Buddy’s Rescue to cover the costs of dog & puppy food, vaccines, supplies, kennels, and vet bills for the animals waiting to find a home.

Lobelville Mayor Robby Moore and the Board of Aldermen are also doing their part by allowing Buddy’s Place to occupy the building which is owned by the city.

This mission is now more important than ever following the closure just last month of the Perry County Humane Society which posted May 12 on its Facebook page:

“We’re sorry to announce Perry County Humane Society is Permanently Closed. We can’t run it with only one person and no donations.

“Having a very full family life also takes the time that’s needed to take care of all the dogs. So we are closed to all intakes, we have none for adoption.

“Thank you to all who helped in the past [with] donations of money, food, blankets, etc. If you’re in need of a rescue, please message Sandy Sherrill. She is one of two who run Buddy’s Rescue in Perry County now.”

So, who is Buddy? That story is another testament to how good can grow from tragic loss.

Net and Sandy named this effort for Net’s late son Blake’s beloved, mixed-breed pet. She lost Blake to an accident in 2007 when he was only eighteen. Buddy passed in 2018, but his age was unknown because he was a rescue.

“Buddy came into our yard,” Net told the Review,“ and Blake thought he was so pretty we should keep him. He was Blake’s best friend, and if Buddy wasn’t in the truck with Blake, he was chasing him.”

Blake’s love for Buddy lived on through Net who chose to honor her son’s memory by helping animals that are often vulnerable victims of abuse or neglect.

Sandy’s dream, Net said, was to rescue dogs and puppies, so the timing was right for the duo to work together toward a common goal.

In fact, Buddy’s Place is the latest step in her work to aid helpless animals; numerous fundraisers have been held over the years to support local humane efforts.

Regular hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, 1:00 to 6:00, and Saturday 9:00 to 2:00. Closed Wednesday and Sunday.

Of course, your donations of items that can be sold at Buddy’s Place are welcome and appreciated, as is your continued support of Buddy’s Rescue through gifts of money or supplies. Stop by the store to shop or visit and show your commitment to this cause.

This homegrown effort to improve the lives of animals and people alike might just be your chance to become the “someone” who also makes a difference.

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