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WWII Short Film Shot in Perry County

Perry County is a long way from the battlefields of Europe or the South Pacific, but for a couple of days—May 15 and 16—a Marsh Creek location was transformed to a World War II scene for the filming of Day Six Eighty-Five.

The Michelle & Anthony Courter hosted the film crew led by their son-in-law, writer and director John-Luke Solid, and daughter Esther, who told the Buffalo River Review that they used the location because “we needed a field where we could dig a few foxholes,” and they had access to the extensive Courter collection of WWII vehicles and period collectibles that could be used as props. As many know, the Courters put together the “Remembering World War II” historical event and re-enactment that took place in Linden for several years.

The film is a “short film exploring the emotions and loss of fellow soldiers in combat. The film follows a photojournalist, Leo, battling with developing the photographs he took of his closest friend who did not return home.”

Day Six Eighty-Five is currently in post-production. No release date has yet been set, but it will first be released on YouTube. The Review will provide more info when available.

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