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What Transpired During Shootout with Officers

What began as a routine call for the Sheriff’s Office ended in a shootout with officers and a Perry County man in critical condition at a Nashville hospital.

Sheriff Nick Weems told the Review that on Tuesday, April 25, after 2:00 p.m., dispatch received a call that an individual was slumped over the steering wheel of a pickup in the only operating bay at Lobelville Car Wash on South Main Street.

Sheriff Weems said officers were busy on other calls, so he answered this one himself. En route, he heard from Sgt. Josh Duke and Deputy Jimmy Andrews that they were responding as well. The Sherifff said all three arrived at the same time, with Deputy Andrews in the lead.

Deputy Andrews pulled up to the front of the parked pickup, still in the bay, and began approaching when he noticed the person was armed and waving a handgun. Deputy Andrews took cover, informed the Sheriff and Sgt. Duke that the subject was armed, and efforts began to talk the individual into surrendering the weapon.

After about five minutes of unsuccessful negotiation, Sheriff Weems said the subject—now identified as …..


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