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Three-Fourths of PC Drivers Chose ‘In God We Trust’

By now, Tennessee drivers have switched to the newer blue plate with white letters—but which choice did you make between the two options?
Seventy-four percent of Perry County vehicles wear the “In God We Trust” plate, but that’s not even close to the Tennessee county with the highest number of “In God We Trust” requests.
Neighboring Benton County has top honors at 97%, followed by Fentress, Overton, and Van Buren counties at 96% and Polk County, 94%.
Rounding out the counties that share a border with Perry: Decatur, 88%; Hickman, 89%; Humphreys, 80%; Lewis, 78%; Wayne, 86%. Perry County had the lowest percentage of “In God We Trust” plates among its neighbors.
Tennessee counties with the lowest percentage of “In God We Trust” plates: Davidson, 21%; Bedford, 27%; Shelby, 31%; Washington, 44%; Williamson, 47%.
In total, 3,197,413 Tennessee plates with “In God We Trust” were printed, and 2,226,408 plates do not carry that message.
The arrangement of numbers and letters differ, depending on the plate. “In God We Trust” plates begin with numbers. The other plates begin with letters.

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