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Business & Individual Contributions Put Trauma Kits in Every Classroom

In July of 2022, Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems re-launched his “2018 Not Our Children” campaign to make schools safer.
The Sheriff called on local businesses to assist with donations that were used to purchase ballistic shields and weapons lockers for every school.
Perry County businesses and some private citizens met the Sheriff’s request without question.
“The donations just kept coming in, so we decided to utilize that funding to purchase and assemble trauma kits for every public school classroom in Perry County,” Sheriff Weems said.
The Sheriff said finding the medical supplies to assemble ninety trauma kits was “nothing short of aggravating” as months passed before all supplies to come in. Once supplies arrived, the Sheriff utilized trusty inmates to assemble the kits.
Last Friday, the Sheriff called on a local friend, Buddy Lunati, a partner with Warrior Vets Medical Services, to instruct teaching staff in how to utilize the trauma kits.
Sheriff Weems, Lunati, and his Physicians Assistant Lucas Barker provided the trauma kits to staff and gave an hour-long lesson to all teachers and school staff in Perry County.
The Warrior Vets Medical group also provided additional equipment for each trauma kit.
“I am so grateful to have a great working relationship with Director Eric Lomax,  local businesses, and local residents to support my plans in making our schools safe as possible. We still have some funding left over and plan to utilize it to meet the safety needs of each school,” Sheriff Weems said.

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