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Frigid Temps Wreaked Havoc for Linden Water Customers

A week after the deep freeze hit, the Town of Linden water system is still working to recover and restore service to all customers.

On Thursday evening, December 29, Mayor Wess Ward told the Review that it had become a matter of opening a section of the line at a time, walking the line between meters, and looking for leaks in the still-affected areas of White Oak, Peters Landing, and Beechview—the latter location one where the town has about 200 customers across the line in Wayne County.

Rye Engineers is assisting the town in that area of southern Perry County.

All customers on Friday remained under a “conserve water” notice as the town worked to refill tanks to normal levels.

“It’s the first time we’ve ever lost a tank,” Mayor Ward said, referring to the Woods Prong tank that went completely dry—mostly due to customers leaving their water running when temperatures dropped below zero to avoid frozen pipes.

Still, Mayor Ward said, frozen lines were ………….


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