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Commissioners Approved Resolution Requesting $250,000 Grant to Support Food Bank Efforts

At their final meeting of 2022, the Perry County Commission approved a resolution allowing the county to apply for a $250,000 grant that would enhance efforts of the local food bank.

If the Community Development Block Grant CARES Act money is awarded, no local match is required, said County Mayor John Carroll, who explained that the funds are part of $10 million federal grant to address food insecurity statewide.

Only counties can apply for the funds, then partner with a local agency to utilize the money.

Mayor Carroll said the grant can be used to address storage and distribution needs, such as refrigerators, freezers, packaging, sorting, transportation, and delivery, etc.—not to purchase food.

Additionally, the grant paperwork says funds can be used to purchase ovens, shelving, freezer blankets, food prep tables, even food delivery vehicles. The grant does not cover “construction, acquisition, operations, [and] maintenance,” according to the description.

The funding is part of the federal government’s response to the pandemic which continues to create supply and labor issues. The study leading to the federal funding found that 27% of Tennesseans are considered as low-income and that in rural areas, many do not live within ten miles of a supermarket, creating a food insecurity issue.

If approved, the county will be the recipient and the money can then be directed to………….


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