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Parents of Third Graders Will Receive Guidance on Retention Law

When students return to school in the new year, third grade parents and guardians will receive guidance from Perry County Schools about the new law affecting retention or promotion of third graders based on test performance.

The law states that third grade students—by the end of the school year—must test proficient on the English & Language Arts (ELA) portion of the TCAP test or face possible retention unless approved remediation measures are met or the student meets certain exceptions.

Students not proficient will be scored as “approaching” or “below” on their ELA test performance.

The list of exceptions or remediations is the same for both scoring groups, with one difference. Students scoring “approaching” will not be retained if:

–the child has a disability;

–the child is an English learner and has received less than two years of English instruction;

–the child has been retained previously;

–the child has a suspected disability that impacts literacy development;

–if the child was on-grade level on the retake test;

–if the child is enrolled in summer programming with 90% attendance and adequate growth;

–if the parent allows the child to receive free tutoring at school during fourth grade.



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