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Hickerson Selected as New Solid Waste Director

In a couple of weeks, Perry County will have a new Solid Waste Director in a position redefined by the county’s Solid Waste Committee which temporarily put itself in total control of that department to address what members saw as problems.

County Commissioner Jonathan Hickerson—chosen from a field with four other applicants—was picked in the first round of voting last Thursday night after the committee interviewed all five candidates.

The other four applicants were Jeff Arnold, Jimmy Dowdy, Dale Miller, and Brad Rosson.

A sixth applicant—County Commissioner Mary Ann Qualls, who has been serving as interim director after her appointment to that role by County Mayor John Carroll—withdrew her application at the beginning of the meeting.

Qualls took the role after former director Timmy Trull chose to step down.

Qualls addressed the committee; she thanked Mayor Carroll for appointing her to that position, and said that she “loved it until about three months ago”—perhaps referring to when the County Commission voted on August 22 to take control of the department, though she did not say so specifically.

At subsequent meetings, Commissioner Rodger Barber had directed his comments about ………………….


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