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Commission Approved Solid Waste Recommendations

The Perry County Commission, at their regular session on Tuesday, September 27, 2022, approved all recommendations from the Solid Waste Committee concerning the hiring of a solid waste department director, that person’s duties, and salary.

The Committee is now made up of all twelve County Commissioners following action in August to take over management of the solid waste department—a duty formerly held by the County Mayor.

The Committee, which is chaired by Blake Skelton, met in early September to work on new policies for solid waste operations, with Skelton saying he would compile all of the suggestions and present them at the September 27 meeting which was held immediately before the full Commission met.

The director requirements, which include management responsibilities, equipment maintenance, regular reports to the Solid Waste Committee and County Commission, employee supervision, recyclable revenue reports, and other duties which Commissioner Rodger Barber described as “standard business practices.”

Barber made the motion to approve the list of responsibilities as presented, second by Commissioner Chris O’Guin, and to send to the full Commission for approval.

The motion carried 11-0 with Commissioner Johnny Ward absent.

After discussion, the Committee approved a motion by Barber, second by Commissioner Jeff Graves, to set the solid waste director’s starting salary at $50,000, with $1,000 increases each year up to $55,000 as a salary cap, plus the state-mandated percentage raise each year.

That motion also passed 11-0.

The position is to be advertised in this newspaper during the month of October, with a deadline to apply set at noon, Friday, October 28. A full list of the job requirements will be available at the County Mayor’s office where applications are accepted.

The Committee also approved a motion recommending that former…………


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