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Gov. Lee Announces School Safety Actions

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee this released information on steps taken to enhance school safety following Executive Order 97, which directed state agencies to engage parents, increase transparency. and collaborate with local law enforcement and school districts.

In response to the announcement, Perry County Director of Schools Eric Lomax offered in the following details about security at the county’s four schools:

“Our School Resource Officers (SROs) did assessments, and I have checked, but no results have yet been sent back.

“We have our SROs check inside and outside doors throughout the day to make sure they are locked.

“The SROs and our local SWAT team have been doing active shooter drills in our schools after hours.

“We had an in-service on active shooters and our principals met with their teachers and worked on our current plan for their school before students started class.”

Governor Lee said, “Our administration has taken meaningful steps to further strengthen school safety in Tennessee by engaging parents, evaluating security measures and strengthening partnerships with law enforcement,

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our children, and I thank Tennesseans for doing their part as we continue our coordinated effort to protect students and teachers across the state.”

The Lee administration has taken the following actions to further enhance school safety across Tennessee and promote engagement with parents, schools and law enforcement:

–More than 10,000 Tennesseans are using the Safe TN app, a free resource to quickly and confidentially report safety concerns at a child’s school, with a record 2,000 downloads this month;

–Mobile crisis providers are available to families across the state and can be reached by dialing ‘988’;

–Every Tennessee school has completed a physical school security assessment—a total of 1,838 schools;

–More than two-thirds of school districts—104 districts—have participated in school safety training;

–Frequent, unannounced checks are being prioritized to see that school doors latch and precautions are in place;

–Every school district has received an updated School Safety Plan Template;

–State and local law enforcement have collaborated to provide proven, hands-on active shooter training courses in each Grand Division;

–Updated training has been provided to more than 600 School Resource Officers;

–Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers are building stronger relationships with local school leadership.

In the coming months, additional resources will be made available to support parents, teachers, and law enforcement in improving school security practices.

Future actions will include:

Tennessee parents and schools will have access to a new School Safety Resource and Engagement Guide;

–School districts will receive updated building security standards;

–State and local law enforcement will be supported through improved recruitment and training efforts.

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