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Commission Approved Budget & Raises: No Tax Increase

At their most recent monthly meeting, on Monday, August 22, 2022, Perry County Commissioners approved a $33.4 million budget, said goodbye to two members, and okayed a substantial salary increase for deputy clerks in county offices.

Longtime Fourth District Commissioners David Trull and Ben Carroll will finish their terms in office today, August 31, and two new Commissioners—Chad Marrs and Daniel McCoy—will assume those seats tomorrow, September 1.

County Mayor John Carroll presented plaques of appreciation to Carroll and Trull. See photo on this page.

The budget passed by the Commission requires no property tax increase. The tax levy was set at the same as last year—$2.2964—divided this way: $1.3612 to county general, $0.3447 cents to solid waste, and $0.5905 to the general purpose school fund.

Appropriations were made to the following budgets:

–$7,163,519 to county general;

–$14,923 to courthouse and jail maintenance;

–$1,015, 034 to solid waste;

-$1,317,853 to ambulance service;

–$2,829 to special purpose fund;

–$83,478 to drug control;

–$1,569,192 to American Recovery Plan;

–$30,001 to workhouse;

–$101,307 to tourism fund;

–$6,022,686 to highway department;

–$10,414,110 to general purpose school fund;

–$1,075,614 to school federal projects;

–$766,850 to school cafeteria fund;

–$0 to debt service;

–$3,833,545 to capital projects.

The budget includes several donations to non-profits: $5,000 each to the county’s five volunteer fire departments (Cedar Creek, Flatwoods, Pineview, Pope, Linden, and Lobelville), and $1,500 to Dixie Youth Baseball & Softball.

Recommendations made in previous weeks by the Budget Committee are also part of the approved budget, according to Mayor Carroll:

From the tourism fund, with monies from the Tennessee River Resort Act taxes:

–$5,000ti the Blooming Arts Festival;

–$10,000 to the Lobelville July 4th fireworks program (an increase from $2,000 last fiscal year);

–$10,000 for improvements at the Trap Range (Mayor Carroll said these funds may or may not be spent, depending on grants approval);

–$7,000 to Music on Main Street;

–$8,000 to Buffalo River Springfest softball tournament.

Another change: Chamber of Commerce Allyson Dickey, whose salary is paid from the tourism fund, will now be considered a county employee rather than a Chamber employee, and will be eligible for retirement and benefits.

This change was recommended by the budget committee, with the stipulation that two seats be added to the Chamber Board of Director, to be filled by two County Commissioners.

Also included in the budget, a substantial salary increase for deputy clerks.

In addition to a $5,000 step increase approved last fiscal year for eligible employees, the deputy clerks will also receive a 5.65% wage bump because the County Commission tied their salaries to the state legislature-approved annual percentage increase for elected officials.

Perry County’s elected and appointed county-wide office holders were also given higher than usual salary increases by the Tennessee legislature, effective at the beginning of the current fiscal year which started July 1, 2022.

According to the County Technical Assistance Service salary schedule—confirmed by Mayor Carroll—following are the ’22-’23 salaries:

–County Mayor’s salary increased from $82,199 in 2021-22 to $88,815 this fiscal year.

–the salaries of Sheriff and County Road Superintendent went up from $78,285 last year to…………………..


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