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BY NOTICE TO; James P. Nelson, Map 100, Parcel 30.00, now combined with Parcel 31.00 Kenneth Chumney, Map 103, Parcel 6.00 Misty Chumney, Map 103, Parcel 6.01 Edwin Lee Combs, etiix Frances Joanne, Map 75L/75LC, Parcel 20.00 Bernice S. Creager, et al % Shirley Self, Map 37, Parcel LOO Brian Delaplaine etux Ginger, Map 91, Parcel 9.00 Corey Gutgsell, Map 134K/134KA, Parcel 12.00 Bethany Moms, Map 73, Parcel 20.00 Peyton O’Neal, Map 135, Parcel 9.00, now combined with Parcel 9.01 Peyton O’Neal, Map 135, Parcel 9.01 Anthony Pharris, Map 1 lK/1 IKA, Parcel 39.00 Anthony Pharris, Map 1 1K/11KA, Parcel 40.00 Anthony Pharris, Map 11 K/11 KA, Parcel 41.00 George E Smith, Jr., Map 11 K/1 IKA, Parcel 38.00 Mitchell B. Tucker, Sr., Map 65, Parcel 10.01 James Gates, Map 2, Parcel 93.00 Robert Winfree Jr & Shannon Shay, Map 2, Parcel 105.00 Johnny Young, Map 37.00, Parcel 6.09 In the above-styled civil action, it appearing by sworn complaint that your address is unknown and cannot be ascertained upon diligent inquiry, you are hereby given notice that on or before thirty (30) days following September 21, 2022. the last publication of this notice, you are hereby required to answer the complaint by filing your answer in my office and serving a copy on plaintiffs attorney, Louis W. Ringger, 222 West Baltimore, Suite B, Jackson, Tennessee Otherwise, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the plaintiff will seek judgment by default against you and request that your property be sold for taxes and costs. 38301. THIS MATTER IS SET FOR HEARING ON Monday, November 14, 2022, at 9:00 a,m, in the Chancery Court for Perry County, at Linden, Tennessee, A copy of this notice will be published four (4) times in the weekly newspaper, Buffalo River Review

This 15th day of August 2021

Charlene Duplessis

Clerk & Master

Louis W. Ringger, BPR # 6559

Attorney for Plaintiff

222 West Baltimore St., Suite B

Jackson, TN 38301 (731) 421-1501                                                       B 9/14

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