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Progress Report on Perry County School Improvements

From energy saving changes to roofs to new HVAC units, Perry County’s schools have been the sites of multiple improvements this past summer before classes resumed, the some of the work continues.

The Review asked Director of Schools Eric Lomax for an update on what work is finished and nearing completion, and he provided an Excel chart to show the progress. Here is a breakdown:

Earlier this year, the County Commission approved a contract with Trane to replace old lighting—inside and outside school buildings—with more efficient fixtures, and to install self-regulating thermostats in all school facilities.

Trane guaranteed that the savings would repay the state-approved loan amount of around $900,000, or the company would be responsible for the debt.

Director Lomax reports that all lighting improvements at every facility—the Board of Education office, Linden Elementary, Lobelville School, Linden Middle, PCHS, technology building, and football field house—was signed-off as completed on May 15.

Installation of the new thermostats in classrooms was 100% completed at all four schools (with exhaust fans in progress) and is scheduled for completion at the Board office, technology building, and field house during fall break.

In addition, Vending Misers were installed at Linden Elementary, Lobelville School, and PCHS by the same date. Vending Miser is a device that…………


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