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Local August Voter Turnout Nearly Double State Average

Voter apathy in the August 4 election might have been an issue across Tennessee, but the turnout here—even low by some standards—was nearly double the percentage statewide.

Less than 20% of Tennessee’s registered voters cast ballots a couple of weeks ago; the number in Perry County was almost 37.82%.

And while local turnout was considerably lower in particular counties scattered across the state, Perry was part of a string of counties from Alabama to Kentucky that saw an above average participation.

Perry, Lawrence, Wayne, Decatur, Benton, Houston, and Stewart counties had turnouts ranging from the nearly 38% in Perry County to 48.5% in Houston County.

Perry County’s turnout was just slightly higher than two years ago (35%), the off-year in local offices in terms of the number of seats on the ballot, but lower than four years ago when the slate of candidates for local office was large and highly contested. In 2018, voter turnout in August was 51%.

As reported last week, the local participation was almost equally split between balloters taking advantage of early voting opportunities and those who made choices on election day.

A look at the various local polling places shows the highest turnout at the Brush Creek precinct where 49.39% of registered voters cast ballots, and a low of 33.05% at the Marsh Creek precinct.

Other precinct totals:

–Cedar Creek, 38.65%;

–Pineview, 38,13%;

–Pope, 33.33%;

–Coon Creek,…..


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