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What Will TISA Mean for Perry County Schools?

The legislature has approved a record funding for school systems in Tennessee—an additional $1 billion over what it has been spending—all to pay for Governor Bill Lee’s education plan, Tennessee Investment in Student Achievement (TISA), also approved by the General Assembly.

What does TISA and the added funding mean for Perry County Schools?

According to State Representative Kirk Haston, TISA funding will increase the local share of state funding from the present $9.29 million under the current BEP formula in 2023 to $9.7 million in fiscal year 2024.

“It will also provide additional funding through the weights for some of Perry County’s neediest students, all while preserving local flexibility for making funding decisions,” Haston told the Review.

Haston is referring to a premise of the new funding plan: every school district begins with a base amount of money per student, with extra funding added for students with specific needs, such as being economically disadvantaged.

Perry County Director of Schools Eric Lomax provided a more exact figure.

“TISA will add about $438,000 above our current BEP budget for the 2023-2024 school year. This will provide additional funding for some of our neediest students through a weighted formula,” Lomax said.

One feature of TISA funding is flexibility.

Haston said, “TISA is a……………………..


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