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Commission Approved Re-Districting Plan Based on 2020 Census Result

Every ten years—following the U.S. Census Bureau report on population changes—Tennessee counties are required to approve a redistricting plan to ensure equal representation in county government.

The Perry County Commission, working with UT’s County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS) and following a recommendation from the Redistricting Committee, approved a redistricting plan at their December 20, 2021 meeting.

The accompanying map shows the six districts of Perry County, and represents the redistricting approved by unanimous vote of the Commission.

According to the approved plan, the following numbers apply to the respective districts:

–District One, represented by Commissioners Johnny Ward and Blake Skelton: 1,399 inhabitants (white, 1,317; black, 36; other, 46).

–District Two, represented by Commissioners Mary Ann Qualls and Brad Burgess: 1,343 inhabitants (white, 1,260; black, 19; other, 64).

–District Three, represented by Commissioners Rodger Barber and Jonathan Hickerson: 1,460 inhabitants (white, 1,355; black, 23; other, 82).

–District Four, represented by Commissioners David Trull and Ben Carroll: 1,433 inhabitants (white, 1,355; black, 15; other, 63).

–District Five, represented by Commissioners Zach Dill and Jeff Graves: 1,366 inhabitants (white, 1,190; black, 95; other, 81).

–District Six, represented by Commissioners J.B. Trull and Lynn Trull: 1,365 inhabitants (white, 1,271; black, 11; other, 83).

Detailed maps for each district, showing exact boundaries, are provided on page twelve of this issue.

The 2020 Census numbers Perry County’s population at 8,366, representing a 5.7% growth since the previous census in 2010 which reported a local population of 7,915.


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