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As the Review reported in August, the Perry County Republican Party submitted a formal request for a county primary which would have been held in May of 2022 ahead of the county general election in August.

Last week, before the Friday, November 19 deadline, the local GOP rescinded that request.

Perry County Republican Party Chairman Bob Ousley released the following statement to the Review concerning the request withdrawal:

“Requesting primaries by the state’s August deadline allowed time to get a better look at how the elections of 2022 are shaping up.

“It was important to secure the ability for Perry County residents to vote for candidates running to fill the positions created by the new 32nd Judicial District if a field of candidates declared for these positions.

“The new district creates new positions for a district judge, public defender, and district attorney to serve Perry, Hickman, and Lewis counties.

“As it turns out, there is only one candidate declared for each of these positions.

“As a result, Perry, Hickman, and Lewis counties have rescinded their primary requests. Lewis County has not completed organizing their county party, and therefor did not request a primary.

“Another major factor in the decision to rescind the primary request is a sincere desire to support the financial goals of Perry County, Lobelville, and Linden.

“The county commissioners, city aldermen, mayors, and staffs have been working to keep government expenses and taxes under control.

“The Perry County Republicans are happy to stand with those efforts and not add the cost of primaries to the budget.”

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