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Stealing from a church might seem unfathomable, but it does happen—even in Perry County,

But, a good Samaritan from another state is working to make sure the stolen HVAC units are replaced.

Sheriff Nick Weems offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for stealing the units from Mt. Auburn Methodist in the White Oak community and Chestnut Grove Church of Christ.

A friend of Sheriff Weems has purchased an HVAC unit for the Chestnut Grove church, and is working on a plan to help Mt. Auburn.

The Palm Beach, Florida Sheriff’s Deputy, who owns property in Perry County, saw Sheriff Weems’ Facebook post about the thefts and wanted to help.

Sheriff Weems urges all pastors and church leaders to use trail cameras or other surveillance devices to try and catch future perpetrators who may hit other locations.

Residents and businesses can do the same, the Sheriff said, pointing out that many of the cameras can be hidden, and some even send images straight to your phone if there is activity around the premises.

Thieves target HVAC units because they contain valuable metals that can be easily sold, and they are often in remote, hidden areas.

If you have any information on these church thefts, please call 931-295-0303.

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