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Do you have a spare hour or two that you would like to share as a blessing to others?

AmeriCorps Seniors could certainly use some volunteer help at several places in the county, performing a variety of functions.

The Linden and Lobelville Senior Centers would both appreciate your help in delivering hot meals to shut-ins. The centers would benefit by your volunteering even an hour a week. More people giving just that one hour adds up to more meals delivered and more people served.

Perry County Food Bank Plus needs volunteers to help assemble food boxes and bags and distribute them, typically, just two days each month—the third Wednesday and Thursday.

Volunteers helping for two or three hours on these days would make such a difference to this program.

Some regular volunteers have either moved or become unable to continue helping. As one long-term volunteers recently commented, “We sure could use some extra hands.”

Just three or four hours, one or two days each month, would help so much in serving the many families the Food Bank is thankful to be help.

If you are interested in participating in any of these volunteer efforts, contact Barbara Jackson, AmeriCorps Seniors Director, for more information or to fill out an application: 931.576.5100.

Barbara said, “We would love to have you join the AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers we appreciate so much and who are already helping in all these areas.

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