While the matter must still be approved by the County Commission, the Perry County Budget Committee has recommended a two percent pay raises for county employees—and a roughly $1 per hour raise for Sheriff’s Office and Jail employees, per a request from Sheriff Nick Weems.

Originally, at May’s regular meeting, the Commission considered a 2.5% increase in the amount the county pays toward retirement for those employees in the state NCRS retirement program, which would have translated to more money in employees’ pockets each month.

After that meeting, County Mayor John Carroll learned that the state, in its 2021-22 budget, approved a 2% raise for county employees, and recommended that local officials take that approach instead.

Mayor Carroll noted to the Review, however, that the raise would not necessarily be “across the board” since some employees are already on an established pay schedule.

Also expected to be under consideration at the June meeting: the certified tax rate.

The State Board of Equalization states: “The Tennessee Certified Tax Rate process is designed to ensure ‘truth-in-taxation’ following a county-wide reappraisal. The process ensures the amount of total taxes collected for a county remain the same after a reappraisal, even if the combined value of all property in the county rose or fell following the reappraisal.”

Mayor Carroll told the Review that the certified tax rate will be $2.2964; the present property tax is $2.48.

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