Perry County ranks eighth in the state for the largest small business population percentage.

The ranking, from a study by SmartAsset, utilized IRS data to compare the number of tax returns that report small business income to the total tax-filing population of the region.

The data determined the prevalence of the small business population in each Tennessee county.

In Perry County, 24.6% of filed tax returns reported small business income, representing 8.85% of all reported income for 2019.

SmartAsset used the data to name Perry County “one of the best places” in Tennessee for small business owners.

The top three counties on the list were all metropolitan: Williamson, Davidson, and Shelby.

Rankings fourth through seventh went to Fayette, Fentress, Pickett, and Clay, in that order.

Just below Perry County’s eighth position were Overton and Sumner counties.

Statewide, 22.77% of tax filers claimed small business income.

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