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The Buffalo River Review office is closed to the public, but still here to serve customers and community.
Subscription renewals may be paid over the phone or though the website with a debit or credit card, or by mail (phone or website preferred).
Advertising payments may be made by mail or by phone (preferred). Placing ads is a snap by just calling, emailing, or faxing us and then following up with payment by phone.
Contact the Review at 931-589-2169, email, or fax 931-589-3858. The website is: Be sure to follow on Facebook as well.

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  1. SSG JAMES DOBBS on April 2, 2020 at 1:09 am

    Whilst I have ever enjoyed the latest e-edition version of the Buffalo River Review, I cannot see this recent issue 02 April 2020. I have pulled up the site, clicked all the right buttons, and still no visual availability.
    I am currently deployed overseas, we are still withstanding restrictions as everyone else is, but being able to see that the local people and community are doing alright, is always a morale booster. For the local community and family, our hopes and prayers are with all, but like everyone else we are waiting on God.
    Sincerely, SSG James Dobbs
    Isaiah 49:14-16

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