Perry County Road Superintendent Robert Dedrick wants to find a way to make irresponsible logging companies pay for the road damage they leave behind.

And he has asked the County Technical Assistance Service (CTAS) for help in drawing up a resolution that will address the problem when approved by the County Commission.

The problem is not with all logging companies, Dedrick told the Review. In fact, he says local loggers from Perry and surrounding counties make every effort to avoid road damage and correct any situations they might inadvertently cause.

But, some companies—especially those from out of state or farther away—“don’t care what they tear up,” Dedrick said.

Dedrick brought the matter to the attention of the County Commission in August, and informed the members that he was asking CTAS to work on a resolution that might require the logging companies to carry a bond that could be used to pay for road damages if the company refuses to do so.

At that meeting, he spoke directly about damage to the recently paved Swindle Creek Road, and said other locations were also being affected.

The resolution is still being written, Dedrick told the Review this week.

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