According to a press release received from the Perry County Sheriff’s Depament, the new PCSO Narcotics Investigator Joe Donaldson wasted no time in starting his role at the Sheriffs Office.

Sheriff Nick Weems said that Daniel Ranger, 32 who resides on Redbank in Lobelville has been under investigation for several months now. “It’s all about the perfect timing. Some people may wonder if we are paying attention to what’s going on and that mindset is a vital element in our key to success. These investigations must be so far below the radar that the dealer will become comfortable enough to sell and get overly confident. We are able to use that thinking to our advantage.” The Sheriff added “Patience, in this line of work is a virtue.”

Saturday night, October 7, at around 9:50pm, Narcotics Inv. Joe Donaldson stopped and arrested Ranger for driving on a revoked license. An inventory search of the vehicle revealed $98,880.00 hidden in backpacks, drug paraphernalia and meth. The Sheriff said that Chief Deputy Bart Rosson, Lt. Koblitz, and Deputy Charlie Jones assisted Investigator Donaldson in the arrest and seizure of the cash, drugs and vehicle. The money seized was counted in front of several employees and on camera, then placed in a locked vault. If awarded, the Sheriff stated that the $98,880 will be deposited in the Sheriff’s drug fund. The money made off the sale of drugs will return full circle back to the community with the purchase of new patrol cars and better equipment to combat the meth and heroine epidemic that is widespread across the nation.

The Sheriff closed with this statement, “I couldn’t be more proud of the team that we have assembled at the Sheriff’s Office. They all work hard to serve our community and I assure you, there is more to come in the future.

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